How to Select the Right Scroll Saw

People need a scroll saw for their scrolling projects, but buying the right kind of scroll saw is something that needs to be considered carefully.  Buying a scroll saw, whether it is your first or you need to replace your current one, is not that simple because you need to consider a lot of things.  These considerations will help you make an informed purchasing decision. 


Scroll work will not do with a saw that requires pinned blades.  So you will need standard 5" pinless blades.  Pinned blades have advantages but they cant cut small inside details cuts since you have to drill a very big hole to get the blade's pin through.


One consideration you need to make is that the scroll saw's blades can be changed easily.  This is because some scroll saw projects have many holes.  In this type of project, the blade needs to be removed, threaded to the wood, then remounted again, many times.  Choose a saw where this process can easily be done.   It is best to choose a saw where the arm can be raised and held in position.  This makes the process easier than tool-less blade


Most scroll saws come with features for speed.  There are times when you need to slow the blade down to cut slower, or sometimes you must slow it down to prevent the blade from burning the edges of your wood as you cut.  There are some scroll saws that requires belt changing to change speeds.  The best to get is a saw with an electronic speed Scroll Saw Reviews


If the saw vibrates, it can be very distracting when you work so it is best if you find one with minimum vibrations.  There are some saw designs that causes that saw to vibrate.  The cost of the saw somewhat affects this feature.  If you want to reduce vibration, you can mount the saw on a stand.  A sturdily mounted saw and a heavier saw combination will reduce vibration.  There are stores that sell stands for scroll saws.


The depth of the throat is very important for very large projects.  A small throat will limit how big of the piece you can swing around on the table while you cut.  Spiral blades are ideal if you don't want to rotate the work at all.


Make sure you consider the size of your table so that wood will not be hanging off the side of the scroll saw table when you work.


Most of us have a budget for a scroll saw.  Sometimes it is better to buy a good old one than a new cheap one since your will get more for your money.